Triangular bright orange stud earrings
orange triangle post earrings sideview

Orange triangle studs


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Adorn your ears with this exquisite pair of triangular-shaped orange earrings. Featuring intricate geometric tribal elements, this pair of ethnic stud earrings feature sunny, bright, brilliant colors with orange being the dominant color and pink and blue hues forming smaller right-side-up and inverted triangles facing each other, their apexes meeting, contrasting with and complementing the orange background.

Handcrafted with glossy resin, these earrings, which appear to be about the size of a fingernail apiece, make use of nickel and lead-free posts (silver or gold-coloured, depending on supplies) and silicon backings. Each triangle edge is about 10 mm or around 0.39 inches in size, and these earrings will be sent to you in a small gift box intended mainly for the protection of the pair while in transit. In cases where you will purchase several pairs, we usually package several pairs into a single box, and upon receipt, you might find the exterior of the box to be a bit damaged, and so it might not look attractive enough to be truly a gift box. Hence, if you require some special arrangement with the box or the packaging, please contact us and let us know what you want so we can see what we can do.

Lastly, please take note that due to differences in photographic lighting conditions as well as your computer monitor, the digital image shown here may not always convey the actual color of the pair that you bought and, as each piece is handcrafted, there might be slight variations between them and the items might not look exactly like the ones on the photo.

Nevertheless, strutting your stuff with these brightly-colored, tribal-themed, and exotic-looking handcrafted triangular stud earrings will surely make you the center of attraction in any party or among your peers. Their bright orange, pink, and blue tints will certainly accentuate whatever clothing you are wearing, and will serve as a great conversation starter; expect to hear plenty of compliments and be prepared to field questions like “Where did you buy this beautiful pair of earrings?” and/or “Can you buy me a pair, too?” :)