Blue flower pattern stud earrings
blue flower studs back view

Blue flower stud earrings


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The vivid blue of these 10mm small stud earrings will be perfect for accompanying the fashion sense of any modern day flowerchild. It will let the world know you are a natural ‘nature-girl’ who is confident and secure. These earrings say you can handle whatever the day may have in store, with a finesse that is enviable.

Designed to warm the shine of the wearer with a look that is noticeably familiar and friendly, these earrings inspire within you a thirst for the yester-year traditions, with basic style that builds your look while definitively completing your statement. This is casual jewelry that is ‘haute couture’ fashion for that ‘t-shirt and jeans style’ kind of girl. (‘no shoes necessary’!) Wearing this blue-sky hue, you will expose your beauty in a natural way that will endear you openly to all that you meet and find yourself appreciated where smiles are welcome.

Each design is adapted from the heart and my own sketchings, and is an individual hand-crafted piece of jewelry art with its own unique characteristics. The constituencies will be the less irritating silicone backs, the lead and nickel free posts, and the outstanding craftsmanship with quality. The earrings are covered with several layers of resin, mounted on stud posts for versatility in wear from day to night, function-to-function travel wear to sportswear.

Each shipment will be gift-boxed to your specifications. Normally, all orders are shipped in one box, even if there are multiple items, so please notify me if your order requires special circumstances. We would also like to advise that damage to outer packaging is not indication that contents are compromised, it simply means you may want to repackage before gift-giving.