Nostalgic and romantic blue post earrings
romantic blue post earrings side view

Romantic Blue Small Stud Earrings


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These soft feminine flowers are quietly serene, shrouded in mystical depths where promises, secrets, and passion flow. This is earnest nostalgic fashion that transcends the dimensions of time. They predict that rift of emotion that lies just beneath your calm exterior.

These blue small stud earrings evoke sentimental yearnings of a time when innocence prevailed. They have a look as cotton-candy sweet as a school girl, but are full of the breathless expectations of the young woman that has become. This is ageless remembrance founded from ancient anticipation; it is a single breath held still, a memory never forgotten, and rigid beauty that longs to be conquered.

Although my earrings share similarities in their resin cover, familial design, color range, silicon backs, and posts that are free of nickel as well as lead, they do still inherit their individual charismatic features.

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